Working with a producer is like having your own architect and team to create the plan of your dream house and built it.  You, as a band or solo artist, bring the puzzle pieces and my role as a producer is to make them fit together nicely in a way that each aspects and details of your songs will shine. In other word, I will bring your song to a whole new level. This can be done by tweaking a vocal melody, improving your lyrics or fixing the structure of your song or even rewriting some parts of the song.

Sometimes bands and artists get lost in details that don’t matter to the audience and they lose sight of the big picture and what is really important. People love music they can relate and connect to.  Some people might like a song because of a catchy theme lead guitar, because of the lyrics, because of the production, etc. I’m here for you to make your songs work and bring an enhanced vision of your initial idea  to tape and find what will make your songs stand out of the others.