Mixing 3 songs for Rocka from Bogotá, Colombia!Rocka


Mixing Rosemika‘s debut EP.

David Usher

I’m currently working on David Usher‘s new album.
David Usher

Cynthia Harvey

Mixage et mastering du nouvel album de Cynthia Harvey en collaboration avec Fred St-Gelais et réalisé par Robert Langlois.Cynthia Harvey

Rockalypse 2016

I’m proud to announce that I’ll be judge for the Rockalypse 2016 music contest on January 30th!Rockalypse

Mixing Ammiel (Sandiego, CA)


Mixing Milly Benzu’s new single (5 on 4 Records)


En studio avec Stéphanie Bédard

Stéphanie BédardUne super collaboration de Stéphanie Bédard pour le prochain single que j’ai réalisé pour Bridgeway!

Mixing Wendzy from Hong Kong


Bridgeway’s new album

I’m currently producing and mixing four songs on the new Bridgeway album coming out in January 2016. This new album is a collaboration between myself and Tommy Mac, bassist of the rock band Hedley who produced the other six songs.