Mixing is the process which brings out the best elements in a song. My philosophy as a mixer is to bring to life your recorded material and create the exact sound you have in mind. The importance of a good mix is crucial. A bad mix can turn a great song into an unlistenable cacophony, leaving certain key elements buried. A good mix is what makes people listen to your song over and over again while discovering new details with every new listen. It also enhances the emotional impact of your recorded performance as well as consolidates your creative vision.

I mix hundreds of songs each year from all over the world and my list of clients includes artists from Canada, the United States, France, England, China, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Italy, India, Istanbul, Australia and many other countries. Once the recording and editing is complete, clients send all the individual tracks and a rough mix to use as a reference. This can be done by FTP, DVD or any free online file sharing services (YouSendIt, WeTransfer, Google Drive). Once I received the files, I start mixing the songs and I send them once the mixing is completed. Then, if the clients want some modifications to be made, we discuss of what needs to be done and I’ll send a new revision of the mix. I always make sure the clients are 100% satisfied of the final mix and the songs sound the best they can.

The price per song depends on some factors such as the number of tracks, the length of the song, the quality of the source track, how many songs need to be mixed, etc.To get a precise quotation, please send me an email using the contact section and I’ll quickly get back to you.