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AMASIC – The Things We Say EP now available!

The new Amasic EP “The Things We Say” is now available on iTunes and physical CDs! Young songwriter Janick Thibault, frontman of the band, reached more than 17 millions views and 165 000 subscribers on YouTube over the past few years. This Internet success attracted the attention of the band Simple Plan which offered Amasic, the opportunity to open for them in Montreal. Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau then decided to start co-writing songs with Janick and one of them called “If I Had One Dollar” is available on this EP. Producing this band was an amazing experience and big things are coming up for Amasic! Stay tuned!
Amasic - The Things We Say

Blé et Les 8 Babins en rotation à CKOI 96.9!

Deux chansons que j’ai réalisées dernièrement entre officiellement en rotation sur les ondes de CKOI 96.9FM! Soit le premier single du nouvel album du groupe Les 8 Babins intitulé “C’est Tellement doux d’être fou” ainsi que le 3e single du groupe Blé intitulé “Latte”!


Les 8 Babins – “C’est tellement doux d’être fou”

Voici le premier extrait du nouvel album que j’ai réalisé, enregistré, mixé et masterisé pour Les 8 Babins!

Amasic – “When I Dream”

Here’s one of 7 songs that I produced, recorded, mixed & mastered for Amasic that will be on the upcoming EP “The Things We Say” coming out on March 18th!