P=Producer M=Mixing E=Engineering ME=Mastering CW=Co-Writer W=Writer MU=Musician

2012 Marie-Mai Je Cours Mixing-Mastering
2012 Jeffrey Piton A Fire P-R-M-ME
2012 Amasic All For Myself Mastering
2012 The Blue Eyes The Blue Eyess Mixing-Mastering
2012 Second Son Bir Şans Daha Mixing-Mastering
2012 Brotherhood The Sounds Mixing-Mastering
2012 Feels Like Home Game Breaker P-R-M-ME
2012 Feels Like Home Home P-R-M-ME
2012 Aarsen Take Me Home P-R-M-ME
2012 Aarsen We Walk Through Fire P-R-M-ME
2012 The Fiasco Just The Way You Are Mixing-Mastering
2012 Valerie Daure Besoin d’amour Mixing-Mastering
2012 Mike Conflit Mastering
2012 While Paris Sleeps Pretend is the latest trend P-R-M-MU-ME
2012 While Paris Sleeps Master Of Disasters P-R-M-MU-ME
2012 Portland! I’m Not To Blamce Mixing-Mastering
2012 Shiga Run Mixing-Mastering
2012 Skyway Avenue Taking My Chances Mastering
2012 Marc-André Niquet D’autres Chemins P-CW-R-M-MU-ME
2012 About Sky & Earth Shipwreck P-CW-R-M-MU-ME
2012 Chris Starr Heartless P-CW-R-M-MU-ME
2012 Defiance Foundations Mastering
2012 Go! Carnival Get Away Mixing-Mastering
2012 IAGO Hide Me Mastering
2012 Christopher Glass Please Don’t Kill The Radio Mastering
2012 Happy Valentine Happy Valentine Mastering
2012 Dear Jane Dou Chi Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Seeing Red Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Wasted Time Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Intifada Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Unity Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Heart Attack Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Conformity Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset Demonik Lies Mixing-Mastering
2012 Reset The Antidote Mixing-Mastering
2012 The Fiasco Dream To Be Mixing-Mastering
2012 Fernando Vivanco Awakening As One Mixing-Mastering
2012 Tadros Rebel P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 I Fucked A Wolf The Ghost Of Me P-CW-MU-M-ME
2012 Red Lime Mavrick Mixing-Mastering
2012 Red Lime Streets of Trees Mixing-Mastering
2012 The Playdates All For Love Mastering
2012 Farefield Bladen P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 Farefield Alright P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 Farefield All Night Long P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 JULY MMXII Mixing & Mastering
2012 Karl Johnson Addicted To Disco Mixing & Mastering
2012 Karl Johnson Going Nowhere Mixing & Mastering
2012 Karl Johnson If You Only Knew Mixing & Mastering
2012 Dear Jane Grass Ring Mixing & Mastering
2012 Dear Jane Get Up & Dance Mixing & Mastering
2012 Christian Sbrocca L’opinion des autres P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 The Lookout Substances Mixing & Mastering
2012 While Paris Sleeps My Sickness P-CW-MU-M-ME
2012 Emmanuel Tanguay Now You’re Gone R-M-ME
2012 Chris Starr Running In Circles P-CW-MU-M-ME
2012 Dear Jane Let’s Just Do It Mixing & Mastering
2012 Dear Jane Goodbye Mixing & Mastering
2012 B.U. I Can See It All Happening Mastering
2012 Monster In Me Better Left Unsaid P-W-MU-M-ME
2012 Up Against The Wall Hate You P-R-M-ME
2012 Famous Stripper P-R-M-ME
2012 Famous Baby I Can’t Keep Your Head Up P-R-M-ME
2012 Famous Angels P-R-M-ME
2012 Fernando Vivanco Materialistic Mixing & Mastering
2012 Joelle Paventi Dreams Don’t Die Mastering
2012 Max Winge Hurt P-R-MU-M-ME
2012 Max Winge The Curse P-R-MU-M-ME
2012 Marc-André Niquet Aussi Bien Que Toi P-R-M-ME
2012 Dear Jane Yellow Fever Mixing
2012 Forever The Light Come Back Home P-R-M-ME
2012 Jeffrey Piton Make It Right P-R-M-ME
2012 Jeffrey Piton Give Me The Gun P-R-M-ME
2012 Kickstart The Season Take Me Out Mixing-Mastering
2012 Forever The Light We Found Love Mastering
2012 Dolab Needs Mixing & Mastering
2012 Warder Alone Mastering
2012 Deafloor Fade Out Mastering