P=Producer M=Mixing E=Engineering ME=Mastering CW=Co-Writer W=Writer MU=Musician

2011 Deafloor The Town Mastering
2011 Sky For Sinners Haeresy Mixing-Mastering
2011 Jeffrey Piton Bird With Broken Wings P-R-M-ME
2011 Chris Star Like A GPS P-R-M-ME
2011 Fallaster Say Goodbye Mixing-Mastering
2011 ATWF Not Here To Make A Party P-CW-R-M-ME
2011 HC3 Child Mixing-Mastering
2011 The Playdates Safe and Sound P-R-M-ME
2011 The Playdates Oxygen P-R-M-ME
2011 The Playdates Infected P-R-M-ME
2011 Outseek Never Ending War P-R-M-ME
2011 Outseek Let Me Go P-R-M-ME
2011 Outseek Promised The World P-R-M-ME
2011 Claudia For The Fist Time Mastering
2011 Claudia Du Temps Pour Toi Mastering
2011 Marc-André Niquet Brûle P-R-M-ME
2011 Reach All Monuments Reach All Monuments Mixing-Mastering
2011 Simple Plan Jet Lag Remixing
2011 Hartford Overthinking Mixing-Mastering
2011 Hartford I’ve Been Trying Mixing-Mastering
2011 Hartford I Remember Mixing-Mastering
2011 VAMA Who’s Running To Seashore Mixing-Mastering
2011 Dom Beland You Got Your Place P-R-M-ME
2011 Reasbeck Tonight Mixing-Mastering
2011 8 Kilomteros No Finja Mas Mixing-Mastering
2011 Michigan Ailleurs P-R-M-ME
2011 Michigan Prends Ma Main P-R-M-ME
2011 Chemical Vocation Hide Away Mixing-Mastering
2011 The Call Back Academy Smarter Than Your Average Bear Mixing-Mastering
2011 Final Thought This Party P-R-M-ME
2011 Final Thought Love Of My Life P-R-M-ME
2011 Forever The Light Forever The Light Mixing-Mastering
2011 The Whereabouts The Whereabouts Mixing-Mastering
2011 Nate Hall Keep Moving On Mixing-Mastering
2011 Eleven Past One Wake Up Mixing-Mastering
2011 Eve Goodman All I Ask Mixing-Mastering
2011 Eve Goodman When The Sun Goes Down Mixing-Mastering
2011 Manton Slap Mixing-Mastering
2011 Deafloor Put Your Fucking Mastering
2011 Deafloor Your World Is On Fire Mastering
2011 Deafloor The Bottle Mastering
2011 Modern Ghost Yours, Completly Mixing/Mastering
2011 The Candid Few In A Difference Place Mastering
2011 Automat Longtemps P-R-M-ME
2011 Marc-André Niquet Seul Le Temps P-R-M-ME
2011 All Day Drive One Hundred Million Billion Mastering
2011 Heroes Don’t Die Ten Miles High Mixing-Mastering
2011 Red Lime Facebooker Mixing-Mastering
2011 The Pukes The Fancy Norm R-M-ME
2011 The Pukes How Did I R-M-ME
2011 Escape The Last Hope A.B. Mastering
2011 YZRA My Chance Mastering
2011 Hurstwood Jodie P-R-M-ME
2011 Hurstwood Summer’s Gone P-R-M-ME
2011 Hurstwood We’d Be Strangers P-R-M-ME
2011 Fiction In Motion One In A Million P-CW-R-M-ME
2011 Jeffrey Piton We All Heal P-M-E-ME-MU
2011 October Sky The Aphotic Season P-M-ME
2011 Mark Zanca Sometimes Producer/Engineer
2011 Mark Zanca Everybody Producer/Engineer
2011 Eleven Past One Wake Up Mixing/Mastering
2011 DreamFace Romantic Antics Mixing/Mastering
2011 AARSEN Lost In Transmission Mastering
2011 Elliot Maginot The Building P-M-ME
2011 Elliot Maginot The Crawler P-M-ME
2011 Closedown Closedown P-M-ME
2011 En Terrains Connus Movie Soundtrack Mastering
2011 Moments Something Mastering
2011 Uncommon But Clever Uncommon But Clever Mastering
2011 The Mission District Bring This Party Home P-M-ME
2011 The Playdates All Night P-M-ME
2011 The Playdates Who’s It Gonne Be P-M-E-ME-CW
2011 The Playdates Give Her What She Wants P-M-ME